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We hope that you will find the following references helpful in getting started with EPay! Our EPay Quick Tips Guide is available in English and Spanish!

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We have created these guides to assist you in the step-by-step use of our payment services.


View these FAQs for fast answers about our EPay online payment services. For questions about Payments and Billing, see our Payment & Billing FAQs.

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What payment options do I have available online?

Our EPay online services provide 3 options for your convenience:

  1. You can use EPay Automatic Payment Service to enroll and setup automatic recurring payments.
  2. Once enrolled, EPay Automatic Payment Service can also be used to make single payments.
  3. Or, choose our EPay 1-Time Pay, which allows you to quickly process a single payment without enrolling.

To learn more, visit About EPay.

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Do I need to have someone sign me up in order to pay online?

No, our services are self-registering. All you need is your 7-digit policy number and zip code that’s on your account. To use EPay Automatic Payment Service, which stores your account and payment settings, you can enroll yourself by creating a password and profile.

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Where do I find my 7-digit policy number?

Your policy number appears in your original insurance paperwork and on your billing notice. Check this “Quick Tip” to find the middle 7-digits of your policy number to use for EPay.

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Will I be charged a fee for making my payment online?

Our online payment services are free to our customers!

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What type of information do I need to pay online?

To pay online, you need your 7-digit policy number and zip code.

If you are paying online by check, you need your bank’s routing transit number and your checking account number.

If you are paying online by credit card, you need the credit card type, your address, credit card number, expiration date, and security number.

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Is it possible to have my bills paid automatically?

Yes, by enrolling in our EPay Automatic Payment Service, you can setup Automatic Recurring payments. This feature will deduct your payments from your Visa, MasterCard or Checking account (you decide), automatically at the time they are due. This helpful feature also saves you money by reducing your installment fees!

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I just signed up for recurring payments. Will I get payment confirmations?

Yes. When you setup automatic recurring payments, or you make changes to your funding accounts, you will receive a Policy Change notice along with your electronic withdrawal schedule in the mail. You will receive an email confirmation at the point that each recurring payment is made. If you deactivate your payments, you will receive a Policy Change notice along with your future payment schedule. Note: Depending on your billing cycle, this could be before or after your current payment is processed.

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I already signed up for EFT. Do I need to enroll to make changes?

Yes. You may have already signed up for EFT through your agency or using our EFT form. Enrolling in EPay Automatic Payment service allows you to make changes to your existing EFT. For example, you may want to change from funding payments with your checking account to your credit card. These types of changes are easy to do! See our Helpful EPay User Guide for easy to follow steps.

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Can I use my credit card to make payments?

You may use Visa, MasterCard or your checking account.

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Is it possible to use my savings account to pay my bill?

No, you may only use your Visa, MasterCard or your checking account.

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Can I use my checking account to pay online?

Yes! Making payments with your checking account is easy. You just need your account information.

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Can I use a prepaid credit card to pay my bill?

No, prepaid credit cards are not acceptable.

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What is a routing transit number?

It is a number that identifies the bank your checking account belongs to.

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Where do I find my checking and routing transit numbers?

Both numbers are printed at the bottom of your check. The routing transit number is the first nine-digit number and your checking account number (which may vary in length and be broken into groups of numbers) is usually the second number. The following number is generally the check number (not part of your checking account number) and therefore, should not be included when entering your checking account number. If you do not have a check available, please contact your bank for this information.

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How do I know EPay services are secure?

We have partnered with Bank of America to provide safe and secured payment services. EPay uses Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption, which ensures that your account numbers and personal data are always encrypted when sent over the Internet. You can see that this is in effect by the “https” in the URL address and the small padlock icon. (Double-click on the icon to view the certificate.) Also, your information is kept secured in an encrypted database with Bank of America.

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Can I make payments anytime of the week?

Yes! Payments may be made online at any time. Periodically, the online payment feature will be unavailable due to routine system maintenance.

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When does Explorer receive my payment?

Explorer Insurance considers the date and time the payment was entered as the time it is received. However, you must allow up to 4 business days for the funds to clear the bank and be posted to your policy. Please refer to the Terms and Conditions regarding cancelled policies.

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Is EPay online payment services available for all policies?

Yes, our online payment feature is available for all active and in-force policies. If your policy is cancelled, usage may be limited and payment will not guarantee reinstatement of your policy.

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Will you notify me if something goes wrong with my payment?

Yes, you will receive a letter advising you if there are any problems with your payment.

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Can I set up Automatic Recurring Payments if my policy is cancelled?

If your policy is cancelled, it will be reviewed for reinstatement eligibility once your payment is made or when setting up Automatic Recurring Payments. However, making payments doesn’t guarantee reinstatement.

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If I setup payments or make changes to my account, when will they take effect?

Changes to your account could be processed the same day or within 4 business days, depending on the timing of your change. If making changes to your automatic recurring payments on the same day as your due date, your payment could be withdrawn on that same day.

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I have read the FAQs but I still have questions. Who can I contact?

You can call us at 1.800.788.8984. If your question is about your payments, have your payment confirmation at hand (the page you print or have emailed each time you make a payment), as this information will be very helpful. For other questions regarding the benefits of EPay, you can also contact your agency.

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